Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yeah, there's some crap for that...

Apps -- short for "applications" that you can put on your smart phone and use to pilot you through life -- are all the rage. I'm sorry but I think most of them are dumb.

In fact, whenever I hear that irritating phrase "there's an app for that," I can't help inserting the letters C and R at the beginning of the word.

Last week, I heard two women going on and on about their iPhone. One of them had lost hers and didn't know how she would live without her apps. Hey lady, I got news for ya -- the world existed before the iPhone.

I know it's kind of a cool phone because my wife and son have one (me and my daughter are more the blackberry type). But do I really need an app that's a leveler, or a mirror, or a flashlight or one that tells me where the nearest boutique coffee bar is?? I think not.

I asked my wife how many of the apps she downloaded had she really used. The answer is one -- Facebook.

Yeah, it would be kind of cool to hold an iPhone up to a radio and have your app instantly know the song playing but...when was the last time that happened? Who listens to radio anymore anyway? And when was the last time any radio station played a song that you cared about?

But I do have to hand it to Apple, the company that made apps part of our lexicon. A brilliant marketing ploy because it has convinced millions of us to buy esoteric software that most of us have absolutely no need for. All those apps designed to help us carry on with everyday life? I don't need 'em because, y'know, I have a brain for that.

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